XGen Core Practice 2019

Work In Progress / 01 July 2022

I'm not sure when I'll get back to this - if ever. So I may as well share some old renders here!

The goals were:

  • To learn XGen and achieve this very dynamic hair style.
  • Pose sculpting.
  • Achieve a likeness. I chose this model, Isabell Andreeva, based on a marketing image.

Clay Speed Sculpt

Work In Progress / 15 June 2019

After watching Kris Costa ZBrush 2018 Summit talk I wanted to try creating some of my own clay brushes. So I grabbed a fun concept from RobotPencil and went to it. I'd like to develop a few more and differently still. I'm not sure I really got there. I like how this BPR came out though.

MRGBZGrabber is a super easy way to make Alphas in ZBrush. It's in the Tool palette. Check it out next time you need a custom Alpha! I made this into a Roll brush (Stroke>Modifiers) then tweaked the depth and what not (Alpha>Modifiers). What I wasn't too happy with was the lack of randomization which I haven't solved yet. If I drew out two lines side by side they would look identical. Maybe editing the Brush>Orientation with a round Alpha instead of a Roll brush would achieve that?